Saturday, December 13, 2008

X'mas card from Debbie

Yesterday, I received a surprise X'mas card from Debbie.Inside the card was a beautiful letter she wrote to her family and friends that talked about her life in the past year.I couldn't express how much I was moved by it.
Debbie was a customer of mine, and she was not just "a customer".Over a year ago, she bought the first piece of high end jewelry I've ever listed on Etsy as a birthday present to herself.Imagine how thrilled and shocked I was when it was sold.I was just a new seller on Etsy.Even though I had sold on Ebay for a year, Etsy was something totally new to me--it was the venue where I was encouraged by other sellers and customers, where I felt my work was appreciated,and where I wanted to grow my business as a jewelry designer. Two months after my Etsy shop was opened, and one month after my "English Garden" bracelet was listed, it was sold.I think I almost passed out when I saw it on my sold list.
But English Garden was not the only thing Debbie bought from me. After that, I would receive an order from her every once a while.When I doubted myself, thinking about her gave me strength.
And then, we started writing emails to each other, and talked to each other about our life. That was when a silent customer became a real friend. She was as gracious as I imagined her to be.
I haven't written to her for a few months, but have been thinking about sending her(and some other "customer friends") a X'mas card. However, I've been so busy and unorganized that her card came to me first! In the letter she talked about her family, her job, and her illness.It talked about many things I never knew about her.

In my life there has been many moments when I connected with people who could have simply passed by my life silently but then ended up becoming friends who stay in my daily thoughts and prayers.They touched my soul and reminded me to be kind to people and spread the world the same love I have received.I am forever grateful for these unexpected encounters.


ching said...

oh it is so good to a customer became friend.

I am happy that I know you too. :)

while busy for your creation, get sometime to relax .. communicate with friends is one of the ways.

take care :)


mu-yin jewelry said...

nice to know you too, Ching :)

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