Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tip on Photography--Choosing Pictures From Thumnail View

I re-photograph my jewelry and update the pictures as often as possible.If you are a frequent visitor to my shop then you know I'm not kidding.I update pictures when at least one of the following reasons apply--

1.a design is apparently great(or at least I believe is great...) but is not selling
2.the color of the current pictures does not match the true color of the actual jewelry on my monitor (this is important--I cannot guarantee customers see what I see, but at least I want to see it right on my own monitor.I have two computers so I compare colors on two computers as well)
3.the design is slightly altered and does not match the pictures of the prototype
4.I'm just not happy with the existing pictures.

The pictures above are an example of a ring in my shop.There is nothing wrong with this adjustable triple band ring; I just felt the color looked dull in my old pictures, so I decided to update the pictures.I use solid background for my pictures, and decided to do a little experiment to see which color makes the ring pop.

While there is not a "correct" answer which picture is the best, I would like to invite you to see how I select pictures for my Etsy shop.
I always take a bunch of pictures, view all of them in small thumnail view, making the picture views as small as the thumnail pictures we see in the Etsy search.Then I ask myself which picture catches my eye and makes me want to click first.

If you have checked out this listing in my shop, then you know I eventually picked the green background.I actually couldn't decide whether to use green or pale blue background when I just looked at the full sized pictures, but after I viewed the pictures in the compressed size, I decided to go with green. (p.s.I'm also a green fan so I may be biased as well..and I know I'm biased, but I just can't help it..)
Your pictures may be excellent, but it is important to remember customers won't know it until they click that thumnail picture and enter your listing.When you try to select the gallery picture(the first picture in your listings) using this "thumnail view" technique I use, then you can understand better what your listings looks like in the Etsy search.


Waterrose said...

Thanks for the information and providing examples. Great idea to look at your items in thumbnail size.

Youniquely Chic said...

Thanks for the tip! I'm just not getting any sales on Etsy, maybe it is my pictures! Can't wait to try it... Your items are beautiful by the way.


gengen said...

This is pretty items. Anyway would you like to share some of your products by sponsoring a contest or any that you can offer thanks. Pls. leave a message in my blog thanks.

Reese said...

Your pictures and jewelry are wonderful. Congratulations!

CastoCreations said...

That's eyes gravitated toward the blue.

I know what you mean about taking photos though. I think I spend as much time doing that as making jewelry! I finally settled on my black / mirrored back ground for my shop.

mu-yin jewelry said...

I must say I actually couldn't decide between blue and green, but I love green so that's what I choose.There's really not a "right" or "wrong" color--you just have to "try" to think like a shopper -- "if I were browsing listings on Etsy, would I my listings pop and make me want to click?"

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