Monday, December 22, 2008

Family Birthstone Ring

A small gallery of some family birthstone rings I made over the weekend.This design, along with the family birthstone necklace, are two top sellers in my shop this holiday season.It's very time consuming to arrange details with customers, but also very rewarding.Every time when I receive an order on these family birthstone jewelry, I feel so honored to be making something cherished by a mother or a grandmother.

The birthstone ring is not as popular as the birthstone necklace, perhaps partly because of its design(only up to 7 stones will fit the top of the ring, and it will also look prettier with at least 5 stones, while the necklace can accommodate as many stones as you want), partly because gift shoppers don't know the recipients' ring size, and also as a known fact more women wear necklaces than rings.

Recently two customers ordered the birthstone ring requesting only 4 birthstones.This is really an awkward number for this design. (If 3 different stones are requested, I can double them.If only 2 different stones are requested, I can triple them. But 4 stones?) To make the top of the ring look fuller, I suggested adding two silver beads on the sides, and here comes the result.I'm very happy about it --

My customers continuously inspire me :)


Leslie said...

Thats great! What a neat idea, hehe i have never thought of this, i may do it for a after Christmas present for mom. Your's is really pretty.

cherscrap23 said...

Those are absolutely gorgeous! Would make a great gift for someone hard-to-buy-for too!

mu-yin jewelry said...

thank you :D
my mom doesn't wear any jewelry; otherwise I would've made one for her.

Duni said...

those rings are stunning! A great idea, too!
Keep up the good work!

Duni said...

forgot to mention I awarded you with the Lemonade Award! For details please see:

Happy New Year to you!

mu-yin jewelry said...

thank you!Happy New Year to you too!

earmark said...

i sooo love these! your work is so lovely, just my style! Good luck to you in the New Year, I hope it is amazing! :)

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