Sunday, December 7, 2008

Etsy Gift Guides

I found my hoop earrings in the Etsy Gift Guides just now under "gift for her" category.I love the style of Etsy's Gift Guides and every once a while would browse it to see if any of my jewelry is selected.I have not been picked very often, as far as I know, and so far I have only seen my jewelry in "stocking stuffer" and "under $20" categories.Well, you would think that having established a successful jewelry shop on Etsy I should be confident enough to not care about how Etsy administration views my jewelry(" 'stocking stuffer' and 'under$20'?Why not under 'jewelry addict'?Oh well, at least today I'm getting a little closer since I'm under 'Gift for Her'."), but the truth is I am not--I can pretend as if I don't care, but I know I do care.I guess to some extent everyone of us needs some kind of external recognition to see our own value, and when something is called "Gift Guides" we unconsciously feel like we are "judged" even when we know well enough the style of the people who make the Gift Guides don't represent the general Etsy shoppers' likings.
We hate being judged, but whenever there are judges we always hope we are preferred.Oh well.
For those who are curious about Gift Guide exposures, I don't think being selected in the Gift Guides helps my sales much, if it helps any -- Etsy admin never picks a popular design in my shop to be in the Gift Guides when they do pick me.

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Sayo said...

At least you are IN the gift guides! Congrats!

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