Monday, December 15, 2008

a chaotic day

I just shipped today's order and know I have to take a dinner break before doing some more shipping labels tonight.I really wanted to process more orders but I know quality is more important than processing time, so I don't make jewelry after dark anymore. I remember once I tried to process more orders at night and the next morning I found some flaws on the pearl ring I made the night before -- apparently selecting pearls under artificial light wasn't such a great idea.
Anyway, today was a chaotic day. I was happy and busy, but the shipping part was pretty confusing.I shipped 27 packages today, including all these pea pod pendants and necklaces --

and also my beloved cherry red eparl rings in different sizes--
Oh yeah, did you notice that too? Green and red, the X'mas colors! These two were hot colors in my shop before X'mas last year, and still are this year, and probably always will be.

My bunnies will also be going to their new homes tomorrow : )

.....yes, I know exactly how to make them stand on their own, but I haven't got time to fix that part, so I had to lay them flat when I took the pics...


Meekiyu said...

aww so cute... Glad your little new skill is being refined. Your jewelry is always awesome! I love how they seem to glow in your pictures. It's always good to take a break. =D

Sayo said...

What a busy girl you are!

mu-yin jewelry said...

yes I've been very busy these past few weeks..It's hard to imagine just two months ago I had absolutely nothing to do half of the week..

mu-yin jewelry said...

haha Meekiyu, my jewelry doesn't glow, the pearls do! My camera loves pearls.Gemstones don't look as nice in my pictures as they are in real life.

Nancy said...

Love those pea pendants!

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