Sunday, November 16, 2008

Free Critique followup..

At the beginning of October I offered free critique to Etsy shops.I have been working on it slowly in the past few weeks--almost too slowly.As of today I still have 18 shops to check out, which do not even include private requests I received in my email.With holidays right around the corner, I know many Etsy sellers need advice urgently, and I am also getting busier.I decide to compromise the way I do critiques by spending less time on each shop while checking out as many shops as possible in a shorter time.Some of you may receive the crituque as a convo, while I may post some critiques on my blog.Feel free to convo me if you have further question with your shop and crituque. :)


ching said...

mu-yin, that sounds great :) thank you so much for making this for us. said...


Thanks for the update! I could see just from the list of responses that you have had a lot to keep up with. Glad to know that you are still working on it.

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