Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Yes, "crochet" with an exclaimation mark!
With holiday approaching,I started to feel the need to "make something warm".I'm not a big fan of knitted sweaters or gloves, but I really wanted to make a blanket, and especially cute crochet animals, also called "amigurumi" .Even though I did try to crochet a little when I was young, I never finished any project(not even half a scarf), so I didn't know if I could actually learn to crochet by reading.But, when I REALLY WANT TO DO SOMETHING, no one, not even myself, can stop me.So I bought some books and yarns to learn crocheting by reading.

The whole experience was more time consuming,intense and confusing than I expected.

In the first night,I spent hours and still couldn't cound the stitches correctly.I must have tried more than 6 hours but still didn't feel like I made any progess.

The second day, I read the book again, and tried again for many hours, and finally figured out how to make my first project...

I got excited and made my second project the next day..

and the next day I thought I could started my big motif blanket.I made my first square with qhite cotton yarn.It has a heart in the center :)

Then, last night, I decided I was ready to try out a pattern by the sweetest and most generous Ana Paula.

Well, since I only learned "single crochet" a few days ago, apparently reading patterns was still something very very confusing for me.It was more confusing than any of my college text books (and I've got a Master's degree!).But I decided to try it anyway.
After 3 hours,the result was very frustrating..

I got some of the body parts done, but the only part I did correctly was the body.The head was not plump as it was supposed to be, and it took me another hour or so to realize that was because I skipped 7 rows(!).

Bummer.Since the bear was not stuffed and sewn shut yet, maybe I can just turn the ugly head up side down and imagine it as a pot or something..

However, guess what?After my first failure, I DECIDED(again) that I was ready to create my own pattern.I wanted to make a bunny.The only difference between the bunny and bead seemed to be the ear, so I learned to make the ears from Ana Paula again, and made the rest of the body parts by myself.(that's right--without the pattern!)
The result?I was more than happy :)

I'm going to the fabric store today to get the stuffer and finish my bunny :) Thank you Ana Paula!I will surely buy some patterns from you!


JMW Jewelry said...

Hehe :) Crochet can be very addicting! I've gone through a couple of crochet phases myself!

BesemNaturalScents said...

I've just picked crochet up again myself, so I am intriqued with your experience. I love the flower and the bunny looks too cute =). Good luck with your blanket!

mu-yin jewelry said...

it was a lot of counting..When I was making squares or flower motifs it was still ok when I lost track of my stitches, but as soon as I started making amigurumi I knew I needed something to help me count...so I made my own stitch markers as well last night. :)

Zuleika said...

You are a natural! You must be immensely proud of yourself. :-)
That is so funny, that square with the heart is the first or second thread crochet project I ever did. It's either that or a similar one with rows of small hearts. It was many yrs.ago. :-)

Meekiyu said...

I think you did awesome... don't knock yourself down. You kept going and I say your work is pretty darn good... the teddy bear and the rabbit are my favorite... put some eyes and a smile and you know legs and arms... and they're done! =D

Mrsfatface said...

This sounds exactly like my experience with crocheting. After hours and hours I figured this was just not for me. You have inspired me to try again.

mu-yin jewelry said...

I guess I kept trying because I simply didn't believe I couldn't do it.I thought a part of the difficulties I experienced was because English wasn't my first language, and I may have read a few key words wrong. Another problem was the crochet hook.At first I bought a hook that was slightly larger than the yarn suggested(don't ask me why.I sometimes compromise.) and it was very difficult to poke the hook through the stitch..I ended up using a very small hook(3.75mm) for all of my projects, which made me much happier--even though after hours of crocheting it really hurt my fingers.

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