Saturday, October 25, 2008

Wire Wrapping -- Behind the Scene Part 1

The other day, while working on orders, I decided to record my work process so customers can see how their jewery is made.I have never recorded myself,so it took me quite a while to set up my tripod and camera to the correct angle to record myself.I apologize for the parts where my hand moved away from the focus.It will be better next time :)
There is no music in the background.I always work in silence, so this video is pretty truthful.The little noise in the background was the rain..
This clip is NOT meant to be a tutorial. It's just something to help my customers see how your rings are made.



ching said...

hi mu-yin this is interesting! I didn't actually seen a process of making a ring before.. :) is an eye-opener :)

thank you for sharing.

JMW Jewelry said...

What video editing program do you use to add the words in? I've been trying to figure out a good program for things like this.

mu-yin jewelry said...

I use Windows Movie Maker.It came with my vista.not sure if XP has it because I never made movies on my xp computer..I'm still pretty new to making movies so it takes forever..

mu-yin jewelry said...

you can make a video of slideshow of items from your Etsy shop and put it on youtube as an advertisement.I've actually got customers from you tube before--I know this because they entered a coupon code from the end of the video.just another promo tip :)

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