Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Renewing When Selling Lower Priced Items

Question from Kittyanydots,a card shop:
The one thing i don't do in your tips is relist often. my items are mostly $3 each, and i don't see how i'd make much profit by relisting so often.i have considered packs of cards; would you think that's a good idea?

Kitty apparently read my blog and noticed the first thing I tell sellers to do to increase sales is to list new items/renew/relist often (even though what she meant “renew” instead of “relisting” by my definition). And when I say this, I mean it. It does not matter whether you sell higher or lower priced items. Unless you have great off-Etsy traffic (through advertisements or your own existing connections), the easiest and fastest way to give you more exposure on Etsy is to list frequently. You need to treat the renewing fees as part of your expenses for your whole shop, not just the expense for that single item you renewed.

Here’s what I would do if my shop mainly sold lower priced items—

1. If I have a big inventory, I would list new items as often as possible.If I have 10 items to list, I would spread them out and list one new item a day, instead of listing all 10 in one day
2. If I sold something, I would relist it.
3. If there is no way (i.e. no time) I can build up my inventory, and I am not making any sales either, I would renew an item a day, or AT LEAST once a week if I didn’t have the budget — This is the most expensive way, but also the fastest way to gain exposure. It’s expensive because you are charged a fee without having sold anything.
4. Alternatively, a sold item can be relisted more than once (remember to do it on different days), that way you will have duplicate listings of the same item. But that is perfectly ok! See below for an example from my pearl ring section—my pearl ring trio set is listed twice in my shop (and if you have a popular item, you can list it for more than twice!)
5. If your creative juice is running low, another way to build your inventory faster is to make your popular designs in different colors. You can also see this from the same picture below, where I have three designs listed in many different colors. Think like an entrepreneur—remember going to those big clothing stores? Every season, they have a few hot designs, and they sell just those few designs in many different colors. Now, how do you know if something is, or may be a popular design? If you have sold something a few times, or if people always convo you about a certain item, then it may be worth duplicating.

Kitty’s other thought is to list card packs, which I think is a GREAT idea and I always encourage card sellers to do so. What I like as a card buyer is to purchase card sets—it not only makes me feel like I am getting a deal, but I also have a complete collection of a series.

If I am correct, Paypal offers a different commission rate for sellers whose avarage transaction amount is less than $12.I do not know many details about it, but it is something you can look into.


Meekiyu said...

those are good points though I have a question if things are OOAK... can't relist them if they are sold as in my case... instead I take the photos of the ones that i have sold and make them into gift tags or mini art cards... those I can reproduce... keep up the fantistico work!

(-b^^)-b (wahoo!)

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree with #4 - listing items that are already listed in your shop. Personally, I do not shop from those stores. All that does is create unnecessary bloat on Etsy and make it more difficult for those that do sell OOAK items on to get exposure. If you want to have more than one available at a time, increase the quantity. Otherwise, relist when it sells.

mu-yin jewelry said...

you are correct.Unfortunately we cannot relist OOAK items, that is another reason they need to be priced higher than things that can be produced and relisted.

mu-yin jewelry said...

thank you for reminding me about this.While I do list the same item more than once in my shop, I do try to refrain myself from overdoing this.I must admit if this is overdone it may make it harder for shoppers to browse your shop.
I believe this strategy should be used with discretion.It is not my first choice when I try to gain exposure on Etsy.

kittyanydots said...

thanks mu-yin! i appreciate the detailed advice. my "miss kittyanydots" card, a smiling pink kawaii kitty has been popular, so i decided to do some similar ones with smiling black kawaii cats on colorful dotted backgrounds. i haven't sold those yet, but your post did give me the idea to make an assortment of miss kittyanydots in different cute colors and package those together. thanks again!

mu-yin jewelry said...

hello again Kitty,
I just checked out your shop again.It appears to me that you are still experiencing with different styles(new prints and collage sheets), but other than that you are on the right track.Both your collage sheets and cards are well received, and I like the new prints you just listed very much as well.Did you notice that the days you made sales are also around the days you listed new items?This tells me that the more you list the more you are likely to sell.Try listing DAILY for two weeks and see if your sales increase.Good luck!

kittyanydots said...

Thanks for your compliments and critiques, Mu-Yin! I appreciate your help and advice. Thanks so much for taking the time to help us Etsy sellers!

Best wishes,

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