Monday, October 6, 2008

more pictures of Taiwan--trip to my uncle's house

Now that I had too much caffine during the day, I am awake again when I should be sleeping!Oh well..thought I'd share my trip to Taiwan with you.

View from the airplane window... Did I mention I LOOOOOOVE flying?

Seriously--I love flying; so I had to take a self portrait on the plane... it's cropped again, as usual

(My first stop in Asia was the gemshow in Hong Kong, so we are going to skip a few days and go straight to Taiwan)

So, I arrived home close to midnight.I rested for one night in my home town in HsinChu, and then went down to the south to see my uncle, who just recently built a huge house near PingTong.

Their yard is super huge.They have three ponds but my camera can only take pictures of one pond at once, so here you go--pond one... this is,like, 1/50 of their yard?I've no idea how big it is, but it's VERY big...

Here's another picture of pond one plus part of the house.The house is very big...In the very back of the picture you can kinda see pond 2 and a rest area among lots of trees..I think maybe this picture covered like 1/10 of the yard...

See?I kid you not.This house is huge.The car looks so small in front of it.They have 7 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms in the house plus a huge living room,kitchen, loft and back porch....and my uncle designed the whole house!My goodness!I regret not having taken any pictures of the inside of the house, but trust me, it was so cool!
"Say VEGGIE!"...excuse my mom..her nickname is Happy Buddha.She's my first artistic inspiration and I got all my creativity from her.Now you cannot blame me for my silly smiles--must have got those from her too.

Sweet potato leaves grown in my aunt's yard...this is one of my farorite green-leaf veggies and it's very "Taiwanese".They say Taiwan is shaped like a sweet potato. Sweet potatos grow everywhere in Taiwan...It's still the only plant that I can grow since I was a kid...

After a great weekend being stuffed with home grown veggies, I am on the train back to HsinChu--Did I mention I love trains?...Oh well, I love being moved in all kinds of transportations, as long as I am not the one operating them.

Not sure why rivers always look grey-ish in Taiwan.. is it the weather or just my photography?..
More to come later!...when I am insomnic again..


AshleyBug Designs said...

Wow, that is a gorgeous view from the plane.

I love your work and your shop, by the way - Your rings are definitely on my wish list!

Meekiyu said...

Taiwan looks beautiful... I'm hoping to go on a super Asia tour starting with Hong Kong and ending in Japan.. of course that's when I have more cash-o-la... Looks like you had tons of fun =P

Alissa said...

This is beautiful and I'm rather jealous...My mom and dad divorced when I was 5, she became a flight attendant and my brother and I saw her once every summer for a weekend. She passed away Feb 14,1984(age38) from rare cancer. Anyway, I have 8 brothers in Taiwan somewhere and that's all I know about that side of my family. I am so curious and yet I get nowhere when I try to find anything about her or them. I'm so happy for you though! All the happiness in the world to you!

mu-yin jewelry said...

Alissa,you'll have to follow my blog to read more about Taiwan! I plan to post more about Taiwan when I have time.Do you think you will meet your brothers in Taiwan some day?

Alissa said...

I just read what I wrote! I meant I have 8 UNCLES (my MOM's brothers) oops!

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