Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Critique--More on Photography

Tonight's we will be checking out WoolAndMore's Etsy shop.
Like CatheavenCrafts,WoolAndMore has more than one product in her shop.However,it is a litte easier for us to figure out what "WoolAndMore" sells from her shop name.We see gloves,crochet bookmarks and bracelet, yarn, stitch markers..etc.

The shop section was divided into the following--

fibers spun and not

While I was able to locate most items from the shop sections,more detailed sections will help shoppers to locate items easily.For example:under which section would you look for earrings? "body" or "bags,etc"? I associate earrings with accessories, so I looked for them under "bags,etc".

Since we can have up to 10 sections on Etsy, it will help if each product receives its dedicated section, especially your signature products.
For example, these hand warmers are the first thing that attracted my attention, and there also seem to be quite a few of them in the shop.I would definitely give them a dedicated section.

I would like to take a few minutes on photography again.Some of WoolAndMore's pictures are absolutely amazing.Here are a few examples--

1.close up of a bag, with a nice solid background,great lighting and contrast

2.these socks are nicely arranged in the photo.The subtle texture of the background adds interest to the photo.
3.All yarns in WoolAndMore's shop are nicely photographed.This white yarn looks almost like ice cream, so soft and tasty.Although the background is a little dark (it is supposed to be white), the general contrast of the photo makes this a very stylish photo.

Unfortunately,since this is a critique, I also have to include some pictures that are not so great...
1.This picture was taken under harsh sunlight, and the texture of the pendant is not seen because the over-exposure.In addition,there is not enough contrast between the necklace and the background.You can increase the contrast using Picasa.

2.these stitch markers look randomly thrown on a surface.In addition, they are too small in the pictures that very few details can be seen.You can crop the picture to give them more details.
3.The harsh sun light in the background is distracting because it almost gives the background a "stripy" feel.Since the hand warmer is colorful and features stripes, a solid and gentle background will enhance it more.

A little tip for taking photos outdoors:

Avoid lunchtime and direct sunlight.Too much light will add harsh shadows to your pictures, and it does not help you with the details of your items either.

The best time to take photos outdoors is morning and late afternoon.This seems a little vague, and it has to be, because it requires a little experience and a lot of practice to find the right timing, and the timing changes with seasons as well.

When I first started selling online, I used to take photos outdoors. Now I do it indoors near a window to avoid harsh sunlight.I take photos every week, so I know that the best time for me to take photos around this time of the year is 10-11am and 4-5pm. I know that since I do not use a light box,I can only take photos whenever the lighting is just right (this is one down side about not using a light box).I know if it's cloudy then I need to wait for the next sunny day to take photos.

I adjust the angle of the blind to control my lighting. If it is too bright, I can usually close the blind and get a more balanced lighting.

hope this helps!


ching said...

wow, photography is really one of the difficult part when selling online. I face problem too when shooting painting which has gold / silver color, the reflection of the metallic color makes the photo glaring.

learning some great advice here .. :) thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your success instructions and your helpful, detailed advice. I opened up a store at etsy but the sales have been quite slow. Your blog has given me new hope!


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