Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Critique--Having more than one product in your shop

Free critique is back! The first shop we will look at is CatheavenCrafts.

Catheaven, you have a shop with a variety of products. At first glimpse it is a little difficult to tell the "theme" of your shop.It took me a few minutes to categorize your items into two major groups--1.crochet/knit items and 3.paper goods 3.beaded items. While it is possible to manage a store with different types of products, I would encourage you to try and focus on only one or two of your strongest crafts to give your shop a more professional look and increase your sales

For a creative person like you, it may not be so easy to decide which one or two items you should focus on.You like doing crochet, and you also like making jewelry or cards. However, from the business point of view, your shop will look more like a professional business if you "specialize" on something.

Here are a few things you can try --
1. ask yourself which craft you are the most passionate about
2. observe what your customers buy from you
3. it is always a good idea to sell in a less competitive category
4. if you have a blog, do a poll (or a "giveaway" contest) to get opinions from other people what they like the most from your shop.

Here's my favorite item from your shop--
Another thing you can work on when you have some spare energy is to improve the style of your photography.

This is a great thumnail photo for scarves, because it is zoomed in and we can see the details of the scarf very well.I would recommend using this style for all of your scarves--

The ittle girl in the folowing picture is cute, and I must admit I sometimes click when I see childrens' pictures on Etsy. However, since the consistency of your photography will make your shop look more professional, you should try to go with either the previous "zoomed in" style or "a smile and a scarf" for all of your scarf listings. --

I'll stop here for now.Good luck!


Catheaven said...

Thank you for the critique. It is much appreciated. I'll think about what you said and work to make my shop better. Maybe i'll open another shop to feature my cards and other things. so much to think about.
Thank you again

Meekiyu said...

thats an awesome critique... love the items... cute kiddy too lolol!!

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