Sunday, September 7, 2008

How I organize my To Do list

I make many custom sized rings and also do a lot of custom orders.This means I have to keep track of many convos from customers.I print out an order sheet(basically a copy of the "sold list" from "Your Etsy") for every 10-15 items sold, and write down the ring sizes or any special requests next to the specific order.I cross out the order when I finish it.I guess I can probably print out one sheet for each order but I prefer viewing orders on a larger scale.

Along with the order sheet, I use microsoft OneNote for other organization.It's basically like an electronic notebook which auto-saves as I type and delete notes(if you don't have this program, you can always use any real note book).I have pages named as

-with deadlines(as you can see, this is the most urgent)
-when time permitted
-supply orders

Understandably,things relating to orders and customer services are usually filed under "with deadlines". I delete notes in my OneNote as I finish those tasks, and when I finish everything under "with deadlines" I move on to "ASAP" and "when time permitted".I pretty much work a fixed schedule of 6+ hours a day, and try to make sure I always have something to do even if I don't have orders to fill.
Under "ASAP" and "when time permitted" are things concerning website update(which I am constantly doing), promotions and other tasks relating to long term business plans.
I just started doing the "supply orders" section (I really should have done this long time ago).This is the section where I remind myself what to order when I buy from my supplier the next time.I do A LOT of price comparison so I also write down the cheapest source to get my supplies here.

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Annie Howes said...

Helpful! I use Gmail like you use OneNote. Only instead of sending the email to myself I keep it in my drafts folder so I can access it from any computer (we have several plus I have an iPhone). So I can always refer to my notes from the studio or from home.

I never ever thought to print out my list of sales (every 10 or so) but that's a really good idea. Right now I'm pulling out my hair trying to keep it all in my memory or jotting it down in Gmail, and then forgetting to check it...


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