Friday, August 8, 2008


I finally bought a tripod last week.while in general I would say I have pretty steady hands when taking pictures (my little trick is hold the breath when I press the shutter),every once a while I do have trouble getting a very steady shot.Then of course I reached my limit and decided to get a tripod.So many Etsy sellers know they should use the macro setting on the digital camera, but I guess not many of them realize why the macro setting fails on them.If your hands are not steady, macro setting won't help you.If there's no way you can get your hands steady, then you need a tripod.
My old Sony camera didn't have a tripod mount, but my new canon does.I was new to tripods but they were apparently easier to operate than I thought.It was not very easy to get the exact angle at first, but once I got the right angle,I could take continuous steady shots.Here's some of my first pictures with the tripod.

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