Tuesday, July 29, 2008

the difficult side about doing business

It has been two months since I started my full time jewelry business on Etsy. Recently I have been very stressed out for the business.I try so hard to make every customer happy even though I know I can't.There are many factors I cannot control, and I know sometimes it is not my fault at all when customers are not happy with their purchases, but I still can't help getting upset or stressed out whenever I receive an email asking "can I have the rings resized?", "the pearl size is not what I expected", "is this pearl bad?" I cannot help relating to the customers and imagine if I was them.

What would I feel if the rings I ordered came in the wrong size?What do I expect the seller to do?
What would I feel if the product I ordered is different from my expectation, whether it's size or color or design?

I have been updating my shop policy extensively recently for this reason.Many customers write to me about how happy they are with my jewelry and their messages always make my day -- I feel my self worth when I know I can make someone happy (by offering my jewelry).Likewise, when I have an unhappy customer,I become upset right away and feel like giving up selling jewelry online altogether because of the difficulties involved--how do I describe/photograph jewelry that people cannot see and touch in person on a website? How do I make sure people are satisfied with my jewelry?How do I fix the problems if they are not satisfied,(even when the problem is on their end)?

I wish there was an answer to these questions.I wish I could settle with making 99 out of 100 customers happy.


Mu-Tien said...

妳真是一個傑出的珠寶設計師, 藝術家

爹, 娘, 慕天

Michelle said...

When you are doing this day to day, as a livelihood, of course you will feel validation and also discouragement immediately! But it is important to keep things in perspective. It is great that you are able to do what you love full time, and your success so far should be encouraging to you!

I would try to connect with a community of creative entrepreneurs locally, some kind of peer network where you can share frustrations and advise one another, and gain from one another's experience. Since you work alone, it is especially important to have a like-minded community that you can be a part of.

Updating and clarifying your store policies is a good idea as well. Is there a way you can show photos is actual size?

Also, perhaps from time you time you might send out a survey to your customer list. A short but well informed survey might provide useful feedback to you on how to improve your customer service and product.

mu-yin jewelry said...

hello Michelle,thank you for the comment!yes I belong to a very supportive community.We sellers on Etsy are like a big family and I've made so many friends on Etsy!I guess it's just my nature to try to please EVERYONE, which is unfortunately an impossible task!

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