Tuesday, July 29, 2008

the difficult side about doing business

It has been two months since I started my full time jewelry business on Etsy. Recently I have been very stressed out for the business.I try so hard to make every customer happy even though I know I can't.There are many factors I cannot control, and I know sometimes it is not my fault at all when customers are not happy with their purchases, but I still can't help getting upset or stressed out whenever I receive an email asking "can I have the rings resized?", "the pearl size is not what I expected", "is this pearl bad?" I cannot help relating to the customers and imagine if I was them.

What would I feel if the rings I ordered came in the wrong size?What do I expect the seller to do?
What would I feel if the product I ordered is different from my expectation, whether it's size or color or design?

I have been updating my shop policy extensively recently for this reason.Many customers write to me about how happy they are with my jewelry and their messages always make my day -- I feel my self worth when I know I can make someone happy (by offering my jewelry).Likewise, when I have an unhappy customer,I become upset right away and feel like giving up selling jewelry online altogether because of the difficulties involved--how do I describe/photograph jewelry that people cannot see and touch in person on a website? How do I make sure people are satisfied with my jewelry?How do I fix the problems if they are not satisfied,(even when the problem is on their end)?

I wish there was an answer to these questions.I wish I could settle with making 99 out of 100 customers happy.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Slim&Sexy series

Available in over 15 different gemstones!

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