Wednesday, June 25, 2008

sales growth chart

Below is a chart of my total sales number since July,2007.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

studio shots

I have finally all moved in and almost caught up with orders. Today I got a new haircut to celebrate a new life, new career and the coming of my 30th birthday. I was so happy with my new haircut that I had to take some portfolio pictures. My business expanded so quickly that I did not have time to set up a proper studio when I was back in Indianapolis(until just a week ago). Now that sales are steady and I need to get more organized, a real studio becomes essential.
Since I basically have an online business, I have my computer station set up next to my work bench(which is actually a computer desk).The work space is small,but I like how everything is right next to me.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


It has never been so difficult for me to say goodbye, but in two days I will be leaving Indiana and start a new life in a city I am unfamiliar with.The future is unknown.
The future has always been unknown, but it only becomes too immense to bear when one gazes at its nature.
As usual, I feel the fear inside me. And as usual, I ignore it and keep going. Although my 30th birthday is coming in two weeks, I am still as curious and adventurous as I was 20 years ago. There is yet so much I want to see and experience in life, and I know no one can stop me. Not even myself.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

New Pearl Colors!

Just got back from a big show and brought home with me tons of pearls.I found an excellent supplier selling colored pearls. Pictures show a part of my new collection.These pearls are of very good quality and the colors are gorgeous too.
You will see these new colors in my shop sometime in late June. Can't wait? You can also email me directly for a custom order.

Monday, June 2, 2008

1000 sales

Fireworks please : )

one week into a full-time crafter's life

Just 11 more days and I will be moving.I have not started packing yet.It is not that I don't want to.I simply have too many things to do other than packing. It has been 7 days since I quit my day job, but I still had to work overtime(over 50 hours this week) to catch up with orders.My website slowed down a little for a few days, but today I had been very busy trying to make new designs for my first jewelry party on Wednesday(6/4). Then I have to go to my first bead show on Thursday to purchase supplies.After coming back on Sunday, I have 5 full days to pack, and that will be it.

I am extremely glad everything happened at such perfect timing.I know I am ready for my new life, but I still feel nervous.There are moments when I would feel empty or insecure, because I am now free and my future is unknown. I am doing pretty well now, but I may not tomorrow. I know there will be ups and downs and I cannot control it. I know there will be exciting things as well as difficult situations. I have thought these through and have been preparing myself for the past two years, and now it is happening. Everything feels so real yet so much like a dream.For most parts I feel pretty grounded because half of my job is pretty repetitive -- checking order status, printing out shipping labels, listing items..etc. And yes, for most parts I feel happy.

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