Friday, May 2, 2008

the power of exposure..

My shop has been extremely busy in the past week.In fact, it was busier than Christmas time. I have not changed much on my website except updating the pictures of the two rings featured in Figure Magazine. I am pretty happy with the new pictures, and these two rings just can't seem to sell fast enough. : )

Since many customers told me that they saw my jewelry in the magazine, there was not doubt where the traffic came from. I was absolutely amazed by it.
Then, as usual, the more I sell, the more supplies I buy.I have been using 10K gold filled wire in my shop because it is more economical. Now that I am finally confident enough about my jewelry business (thanks to my sweet customers), I decided to place the largest wire order tonight, which means upgrading the wire to 14/20,also known as 14K, gold filled wire. After my current wire is used up,I will also start to use anti-tarnish (argentium) sterling silver wire for most of my wire wrapped rings. I am very excited about a new beginning of my shop.

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