Friday, May 23, 2008

Broad Ripple Art Fair

After my first show, my second step to the crafting business was to pay a trip to the Broad Ripple Art Fair on 5/17. Even though I was extremely tired from over-working and did not go to bed until very late the night before the fair, I woke up in time for the fair from excitement, and was able to find a parking spot within walking distance to the fair. Oh, and did I fail to mention--I did not have a booth at the fair! I just went there to check out other people's booths!
There were over 200 artists at the fair, and I spent the whole 7 hours just to discover more and more booths I had not visited. I observed other crafters' booth set-up and packaging and bought some great jewelry (oh yes, I buy jewelry too).
It was the coolest craft fair I have ever been to. We don't have craft shows in Taiwan, so when I first came to the United States five years ago, I fell in love with this brand new experience to shop for crafts right away. Little did I know that I would soon start to make and sell jewelry, and that I would become more than a shopper at craft shows.Even though I have known my artistic nature since I was little, I never knew in which form my creativity was going to manifest itself until the moment it happened.
Life is a real mystery. :)

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