Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Fantasy Collages by synchronicity313

I was drawn to these collages of Alice in Wonderland by Kenneth Rougeau right away when I first saw them. Every once a while I would check on his shop trying to decide which ones to buy.When I look at these collages, I wonder how a man can understand little girls like Alice so well -- oops, guess I almost forgot that the author of the book was a man as well.

While Kenneth's Alice in Wonderland series seamlessly combine dreams and reality, some of his other works have this ultimate surreal quality .And you probably won't disagree with me that some of them also remind you of the great artist Dali .

I was very surprised to know Kenneth's artistic background is very similar to mine.Both him and I have worked with different art media -- Ken is also an artist, poet and musician. He just quit his day job to pursue art full time. Definitely the right move for him, wouldn't you agree? I hope him the brightest career.

Pool of Tears


Kenneth Rougeau said...

Thank you so much for featuring me, it's an honor! I thought you & your readers might appreciate knowing a bit more about the how's & why's of my Alice In Wonderland artwork, so I invite all of you to check out The Evolution Of Alice, a blog I put together explaining how the initial series was constructed. You'll find it here: The Evolution Of Alice

mu-yin jewelry said...

Gee!That's sooo cool!It's gonna take me a while to read it, but looks like it's a lot of fun!

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