Friday, March 28, 2008

copper and blue

Compared to January and February, my Etsy store has been quieter in March. I was delighted to see my copper ring on the front page yesterday.This brought me four sales and over 50 hearts. :)

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Taiwan's New Head Elected..

I'm a native of Taiwan, and people often ask me if Taiwan is a country.I usually avoid a direct answer by telling them that culturally Taiwanese prople are very different from Mainland Chinese, but we all speak Mandarin.

Happy Easter!

I woke up early for no apparent reason, and decided to work on my blog. Then, I actually overcame my laziness and cooked my famous dish..oh well, something I like anyway.Lots of spinich, bacon, artichoke and lots of olive be mixed with angel hair pasta :)

Friday, March 21, 2008

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Rough Amazonite ring

I just got these huge and rough amazonite beads a week or two ago, and immediately turned them into this design.The beads are in this amazing rich blue-green color and interesting organic shape.No two beads are alike, and threfore no two rings are alike.Ckeck them out in my shop.

Customized gemstone dangle ring

This season,my shop is all about colors. Have your gemstone dangle ring made with your choise of gemstones and size--

Mini Poster

The mini poster is a marketing idea that littleputbooks came up with a while back. After entering "Your Etsy", at the bottom on the left side bar, you can find the link to "Etsy Mini". I have inserted my own Etsy Mini into a word file and created this mini poster --

Tips on Photography

This post is dedicated to online articles on photography.I will update this post whenever I find an helpful article.Feel free to add yours in the comments!

Staying Sharp: Achieving Clarity and Crispness in Your Photos

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Fantasy Collages by synchronicity313

I was drawn to these collages of Alice in Wonderland by Kenneth Rougeau right away when I first saw them. Every once a while I would check on his shop trying to decide which ones to buy.When I look at these collages, I wonder how a man can understand little girls like Alice so well -- oops, guess I almost forgot that the author of the book was a man as well.

While Kenneth's Alice in Wonderland series seamlessly combine dreams and reality, some of his other works have this ultimate surreal quality .And you probably won't disagree with me that some of them also remind you of the great artist Dali .

I was very surprised to know Kenneth's artistic background is very similar to mine.Both him and I have worked with different art media -- Ken is also an artist, poet and musician. He just quit his day job to pursue art full time. Definitely the right move for him, wouldn't you agree? I hope him the brightest career.

Pool of Tears

"Wonderful Life" interchangeable necklace

Life is wonderful because it's colorful, and these new necklaces are wonderful because they're interchangeable...
oh well, enough silly talk.Check out the infinite color combinations of my new interchangeable necklace.They're fully customized.You can pick your desired necklace cord, necklace length, and colors of pearls--

Sunday, March 9, 2008

those strange moments in life..

Two days ago,I held a recital for my piano students at a local church.When the recital finished,I received bouquets from two of my students.I was more than surprised.I have been teaching the piano for three years,but this is the first time I received flowers from my students.I'm not sure what to think about it. I suppose I have always tried very hard to help their piano studies, but at the meantime I have also known teaching the piano is not something I want to do for life. I wonder if these children knew their teacher had been thinking about leaving them to pursue an artistic career when they handed her the flowers?

I have been told by many people that I have just the right personality traits to be a teacher,but for some reason teaching has always been the last thing I wanted to do in my life. I have been doing the last thing I wanted to do in my life for three years. I cannot say I did not learn immensely through my teaching experience, but as time goes by my yearning to be a full-time artist only grows stronger.

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