Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Valentine's Drawing winners

Thank you for participating in my survey!The winners of a free wire wrap ring are as follows--

Megan B
Kristy F
Chris R
Kristen W

Didn't win this time? Maybe you will be the lucky one next time!
thank you again for great support!!


Megareena said...

So excited about my ring!!!

sahuerta said...

Where did you post your drawing. I missed it. Thanks.

mu-yin jewelry said...

This was a private drawing, and the participants were my past customers as well as some sellers from Etsy who took my poll a few weeks ago.If you would like to receive information about my new arrivals, sales and future drawings, you can also subscribe to my e-newsletter.I only send, the most, one email a month.

KeelyB said...

Just dropping in to say hello! Lovely rings...your winners sure are lucky!!!

Recycled Ideas said...

My ring just arrived today! It is gorgeous and fits perfectly =D

You do great work! I love it!!!

I feel so fortunate to have been chosen, thank you!

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