Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Magic of Cropping

While most Etsy sellers understand that the thumnail pictures shown in the category/keyword search are the first and most important feature that attracts customers attention to our stores, many of us do not realize how small the thumnail pictures are--on my 19" monitor they're sill under 1" square.

Most of the pictures on my website went through a lot of editing to ensure the clarity of details of my jewelry are conveyed. One of the easiest photo editing tips I use a lot is cropping. Before cropping, my wire wrapped ring is just a small dot on that 1" square thumnail--

After cropping, the thumnail picture IS my ring--

If customers can't even see your item in the thumnail picture, they will not come into the store.If they don't come into your store, there's no chance they will buy from you.

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