Saturday, February 9, 2008

Customer Survey Results

At the beginning of February, I sent a email survey to all of my past customers on my email list(over 200), and received 76 responses.It took me a lot of time to enter the data and analyze the results,but it was so worth it.I was very grateful for everyone who responded, and even more grateful for those who encouraged me or gave me suggestions.I would like to share the results with everyone who is interested in them--

Age group-

21-30: 43%
31-40: 25%
41-50: 13%
under 20: 9%
over 50: 6%

92% female
8% male(buying for female)

How my customers found my store
42% Etsy keyword search
33% Etsy catagory search
9% referral
8% google search
8% other means: past ebay customer, craft show, pounce, treasury, forum, browsing others' favorites

Most of my customers(73%) bought rings and earrings from me.67% of customers would like to see more pearl jewelry in my store, and 22% of customers would like to see more gemstone jewelry.

I have received some valuable suggestions, and will make the following changes happen as soon as possible--

-clip-on earrings
-free earring backings
-size reference for earrings on a mannequin

I will also offer more of the following designs as soon as I have more spare time--

-mixed gemstone and pearl jewelry
-more sweet pea jewelry
-cuff bracelets
-plain silver jewelry
-of course, more pearls and gemstones!!!

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Marissa Fischer said...

This is very interesting information. Your stuff is so lovely, thanks for sharing your findings.

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