Wednesday, January 30, 2008

wire wrapped jewelry tutorials

I received an email asking me about instructions on my wire wrapped rings, and here's my response--

"Most of my rings are my original designs so unfortunately I can't show you how I made them.. However, I know you can find some tutorials on some wire wrapped rings here-- "

Among above links, I have found Eni Oken's website to be particularly helpful, and I have found her tutorials very inspiring. I have studied tutorials from various websites and books, but have never taken any classes.

For jewelry making beginners, I recommend the following websites--

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ive been making jewelry for a couple of years now but, I'm self taught. This means I dont know alot about what I'm doing but my jewelry looks pretty good. I just wanted to let you know I Love your site. You have so many tips that were very helpful. I will definitely keep checking back so I know I'm doing it right.


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