Sunday, January 13, 2008

taking off..

The HP laptop (pavillion dv2000) I bought last April had some serious problems and I had to send it back for repair. I have been very dissatisfied with HP and decided to get a new Dell desktop Inspiron 531S to run my business on. When I came home with my new Dell two days ago, I knew I was afraid. I just bought a laptop to run my business on not long ago, and now I was buying another computer. Suddenly I felt like I was really running a business.

I know it sounds funny that the fact I am running a business did not sink in until 18 months after I sold my first piece of jewelry, but before this I had been living on my day job and never thought about expanding my jewelry business. Now a new year just started and in a few months I will be hiring an accountant for the first time to do my tax,I can no longer say this is just a hobby.

I have a few more ideas about expanding my Etsy website that I will be trying in the coming few months. Unlike most crafters who start their business with craft shows, I started mine online, and have never met my customers in person. Finally, I will be having my first jewelry party next month, and I also plan to start doing craft shows this summer. My Ebay and Etsy customers have been a great support for me. Without my little success online I don't know if I will ever be confident enough to come out of my little shell to meet a larger craft market.

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