Monday, January 28, 2008

pearl hunting & the story about my pearl fixation..

I was extremely busy last weekend because of my day job and some extra jewelry orders.I suddenly realized that I was low on certain pearl colors after having sold so many of certain dedsigns, and had to order more pearls from my suppliers.That was when I again realized how lucky I was to find the pearl colors I had.Most of my pearls are dyed. All those funky and vivid red,blue, green, silver or bronze colors are dyed through the center of the pearls, and I am very enthusiastic about finding pearls in the "right" colors and shapes.

Freshwater pearls comes in different colors, sizes and shapes, and the round pearls I use for most of my rings are called "potato" pearls.If they have one side perfectly round and one side flat, they're called "button" pearls. If they have somewhat irregular shapes but are still sorta round, they're called "nugget" pearls.

My favorite pearls are large potato or nugget pearls in vivid colors, and they are hard to find. The sweet pea jewelry uses large lime green nugget pearls, and I just can't figure out why it's so hard to find these beads.

My favorite pearl color is rich and dark red -- as rich as red wine and wild cherries-- and I like red pearls in different shapes. Two of the most popular designs in my store use small potato red pearls(see pictures).The color is vibrant and the simple design goes very well with different daily outfits.

While I was able to finally get the same green pearls for my suppliers to make more sweet pea jewelry, I simply couldn't find the same red pearls for my "cherry hook earrings" and rings.The same supplier I ordered from no longer has the same pearls-- dyed pearls are always "limited" production in some sense-- and I know it will take me at least few more days to find a new supplier. With Valentine's day coming, I was expecting to sell more of these red earrings and rings, but since the only color I have left is different, I decided to remove the listing from my etsy store for now.If you are interested in these tiny red jewelry,wish me luck, check in my store later and see if I have found new pearls for the same design.

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