Saturday, January 26, 2008

Family Reunion

I haven't gone home for the Chinese New Year since I started my music studies overseas 8 years ago.Over the years,half of my friends have left Taiwan for advanced studies in different countries.I have also made new friends in England and the US. I've also always known that Yu-Li, a cousin of mine has been in the States, but I wasn't able to get hold of her through emails for some reason. Yesterday I was surprised to see an email in my Etsy account from Yu-Li, who said she found my website through my brother Mu-Tien's website!(hey bro,how come i didn't even know you have a website??) I was so happy to hear from her again, and also amazed by how today's technology reconnects people with each other.
Mu-Tien is now finishing his Master's degree in the Netherlands.I couldn't find any picture of his but did find a beautiful picture he took near his apartment(I believe).


Yoyo said...

Ha ha, thanks!
My email account must block you as a unknow sender! It's weird how they add the safty feature to protect us, but it also filters the email we really want to keep. (sigh)

mutien said...

website? which one? I just promote your webpage and on-line shop through my msn blog and my facebook. Maybe that was where yoyo saw this?

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