Sunday, December 30, 2007

Three pointers about Starting on Etsy

A new Etsy seller asked me to give her a few pointers about starting on Etsy, and this is what I told her --

My experience of selling on Ebay and Etsy made me realize that customers on Etsy are willing to pay more for what they want compared to Ebay. If I have to give you 3 advices to start on Etsy,I would suggest that you

1. get a great digital camera (I just ordered a new Canon SD950 online because I think it will help my business.The pictures currently on my website were taken with my current camera, Sony cybershot T1 with 5.1 mp)
2. list items regularly and frequently: this is the easiest and also the most difficult part to run an Etsy business.Listing regularly,if not daily, will keep your shop at the top of Etsy's category search, so that customers can find your store. If you sell in a competitive category like jewelry,you need to list/relist/renew more frequently.
3. have a professional store set up: banner, shop announcement (if you have nothing to announce, you can always use it to greet buyers) store policy (under"profile") and some things about yourself(under "profile")

While there are other important factors that affect a seller's success on Etsy, I have found the above three points to be prerequisites for a successful Etsy shop.

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