Sunday, December 16, 2007

300 items sold

I'm excited to see that I have sold 300 items by this morning. As anticipated,I have been getting a lot of holiday sales since November -- I sold 37 items in October, 74 items in November, and from Dec 1~ this morning (Dec 16) alone I have sold 92 items!

My sales number and amount are not the only things that made me happy. I'm also glad to see a few customers collecting my jewerly, mostly my pearl hook earrings. I have customers who came back to my store whenever new items are listed. Well, I guess women always need one more pair of earrings :)

Other than the pearl hooks, my tiny pearl rings have also been doing very well since they were first introduced on 11/16. This design was actually inspired by a customer, who wanted a smaller pearl for her ring. She ended up buying a ring with a larger pearl, but I decided to try out new rings with smaller pearls anyway.

I love working with customers and am glad to see them sharing my enthusiasm about pearls. My new pearl supplies just came in two days ago, so I'm sure I'll have a lot of fun making new pearl jewelry after the New Year.

Happy Holiday!


mu-tien said...

Congratulation!! Merry Christmas!!

mu-yin jewelry said...

hello bro :)

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