Monday, October 8, 2007

September "numbers" from my store

A few numbers from my September sales to share with you--

*Items sold: 35
-If we add the wedding order (in progress) in September to this number, I have sold close to 50 items in September. My total sales amount was close to July. Now I'm thinking perhaps I was just very very lucky in my first month (July) to have sold so much.
*Orders over $20: 4
-Most of my orders are small. While over half of my customers only purchased a 9.99 ring or earrings, I did sell a few expensive items in September. I think the wide price range in my store accommodates customers with different budgets and needs.
*Average daily listing: 4
-I listed everyday. During the 4 days of "renewing experiment" I listed 10 items a day, which didn't yield dramatic results. After that I listed 1-5 items a day. In most days I couldn't list new items so I either relisted my sold items or renewed existing items.

Coupon redemption --
*Repeat customers: 4
-To celebrate the coming of my third month on Etsy, I sent out a bulk email with a 10% off coupon code to all of my past customers from Ebay (where I had a store for 1 year) and Etsy, and 4 customers redeemed the coupon. Two of them were from Ebay and two from Etsy.
* "Sales rep" referral: 1
-At the beginning of September, I sent out around 60 business cards to 4 other Etsy sellers, and at the end of September a customer placed an order of decent size because of the referral. When I sent out my business cards, I had a coupon code on the back, so when customers use the coupon code they will receive 5% off their first order and the seller who referred them to my store will receive 10% of the order total as store credit. I keep a chart with different coupon codes (usually the seller's etsy ID) and offer details.

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Rocki's Rock 'n Beads said...

Congrats on all your sales and thank you for sharing!

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