Sunday, October 21, 2007

Support Independent Artists

One seller on Etsy forum asked "will you keep creating if you don't make sales?" Many other sellers said they would still keep creating. Honestly, I don't know what I would do if I didn't make any sales on Etsy. I have been encouraged to develop my artistic talents since I was little, and every compliment I received in the past became the soil of my life and continues to nourish my art. While I have enough confidence as an artist, I don't know if I have enough motivation to make the outside world see it.

As crafters/artists, it's important our art sells. When I first started making jewelry, I used inexpensive glass beads and base metal wire and findings. To improve my skills I needed to buy more supplies to practice, and when I noticed how much money I spent on supplies I felt the need to start selling my jewelry. After I sold enough jewelry, I was able to upgrade the materials for my jewelry. After selling online for slightly over a year, I'm thrilled to see myself working with gemstones and stelring silver wire.

If my jewelry didn't sell, I probably would still keep making jewelry, but wouldn't have let myself experiment with different materials and styles. Whenever I think of this possibility, I feel extremely lucky and grateful. After selling hundreds of pieces, it still amazes me to see a new customer who likes my jewelry enough to pay for it, and it still makes my day whenever someone tells me "I love your work!" I know I have said this before, but I just can't say enough "thank you".

Monday, October 8, 2007

September "numbers" from my store

A few numbers from my September sales to share with you--

*Items sold: 35
-If we add the wedding order (in progress) in September to this number, I have sold close to 50 items in September. My total sales amount was close to July. Now I'm thinking perhaps I was just very very lucky in my first month (July) to have sold so much.
*Orders over $20: 4
-Most of my orders are small. While over half of my customers only purchased a 9.99 ring or earrings, I did sell a few expensive items in September. I think the wide price range in my store accommodates customers with different budgets and needs.
*Average daily listing: 4
-I listed everyday. During the 4 days of "renewing experiment" I listed 10 items a day, which didn't yield dramatic results. After that I listed 1-5 items a day. In most days I couldn't list new items so I either relisted my sold items or renewed existing items.

Coupon redemption --
*Repeat customers: 4
-To celebrate the coming of my third month on Etsy, I sent out a bulk email with a 10% off coupon code to all of my past customers from Ebay (where I had a store for 1 year) and Etsy, and 4 customers redeemed the coupon. Two of them were from Ebay and two from Etsy.
* "Sales rep" referral: 1
-At the beginning of September, I sent out around 60 business cards to 4 other Etsy sellers, and at the end of September a customer placed an order of decent size because of the referral. When I sent out my business cards, I had a coupon code on the back, so when customers use the coupon code they will receive 5% off their first order and the seller who referred them to my store will receive 10% of the order total as store credit. I keep a chart with different coupon codes (usually the seller's etsy ID) and offer details.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Rough or Sweet ring

My newest design is this "Rough or Sweet" ring featuring a huge green garnet nugget bead surrounded by tiny tourmaline round beads.My first feeling about it was it's totally weird, but then I also loved the contrasting effects it produced. Chunky or teeny, green or pink,free form or perfectly round, Rough or Sweet.

Friday, October 5, 2007


I don't have a child of my own, but when my friend June had her baby Caroline, I was the proud "support person" who went to the delivery room with her.Here's some picture of my goddaughter, who was born on 6/11 this year.
By the way, since June is a pianist, Caroline has been made to pose at the piano since she was one month old.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Add-a-Charm Interchangeable jewelry

After various attempts, I was finally able to create these versatile "Add-a-Charm" bracelets.The idea that one piece of jewelry can be worn many ways has always fascinated me. The charms and links can be added ore removed according to your desire, and no tool is required.
You can add many charms onto one link.or add one charm to one link....

The one I'm modeling for is even more fun. It's convertible and interchangeable at the same time. Connect two bracelets to make them into a necklace.
Again, arrange your links and charms the way you like. Why not add your own charms as well?

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