Tuesday, September 4, 2007

September goal

It's now officially my third month on Etsy, so I'm not a newbie anymore (somehow when I wrote this it made me feel old...).There're quite a few things I'd like to achieve this month, and if I write it down I feel I'll try harder to accomplish them.

1. I'd like to reach 50 sales this month.
I was lucky enought to have had slightly over 40 sales one month after I opened the store (8/4). Then I wasn't so lucky for the rest of August (less than 30 sales), which is probably normal for all businesses. Since I've been consciously working on the store, and since holiday season is coming, I feel 50 sales is reasonable for my third month.
2. I'd like to add some Etsy selling tips to my blog
That is,if I reach 50 sales this month.Otherwise, let's wait a little bit. If I can't even help myself, how can I help others?
3. I'd like to start promoting more
I had a store opening sale and one Saturday Night Sale in July, and I 've also been pretty active on the forum.
In August, I started listing (mostly renewing) 1-3 items everyday even if I didn't make any sales, and I also started my blog.
In September, I'll send out promotion materials(coupon code) to a few "sales reps". I will also start a PIF.

At the beginning of October, I will write a follow-up about this post, and let's see how it turns out!

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