Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Renewing and Showcase experiment

Studio94 convod me yesterday and said she wants to try showcase. She also suggested that I should post 3-5 items a day to get more sales. I thought I'm a big fan of renewing already, because I've been posting 1-3 items a day throughout August, but the sales weren't really that great.

Then it suddenly came to me that I DID list more(3-5 items) when I first opened my store, including new,renewed and relisted items. And I DID get more sales then. So perhaps it really does matter.

So, If studio92 is going to pay $7 for showcase, I decide I'm going to post 10 items a day for four days, starting today.

And let's see what happens after that!


mu-yin jewelry said...

three days and 30 listings later, i had only 1 sale! My store seems to be totally dead right now..i'm hoping to see it getting better..

mu-yin jewelry said...

the result of my 40 listings were:I sold four items in four days, not better than listing one or two listing a day. However, on the last day of my experiment, I went to the mall in Bloomington and found the whole mall doing a crazy summer clearance sale! I paid only $9.99 for one pair of solid 14K gold earrings at Macy's--they're cheaper than my jewelry!! Perhaps I should be glad I even had four sales!

mu-yin jewelry said...

Throughout the rest of September I did consistently listed 3-5 items everyday, and my total sales number in September is also pretty close to July.

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