Saturday, September 22, 2007

I sold my showcase convertible jewelry

This morning, I turned on my computer as usual to check if I had any sales.I was very happy but wasn't too surprised to see an item sold in my store. I checked what was sold, and then I was surprised. No, I was shocked -- I just sold the most expensive work I've ever made. I thought I've been preparing for this day, and thought I would be excited, thrilled, and feel successful, but instead I felt scared, doubtful and uncertain.

-what if it's a scam? (but then why did she pay right away?)
-what if the jewelry break one week after she receives it? does it ruin my reputation as a seller?(well, I do offer warranty and free repair, but it's still not nice if it breaks so easily...)
-what if she doesn't like it and want to return? then I will feel worse and would rather it was not even sold from the beginning.
-what if she finds out I'm not an experienced jewelry designer who's been making jewelry for 20 years, and regret having bought from me? (does it mean I'm not good if I'm not experienced?)
-what if...

I've been very comfortable with selling lower end jewelry on Etsy, because they're easier to make, less time consuming, and therefore easier for me(at least that's what I believed) to maintain good customer service. If a $9.99 ring does not fit or gets lost in the mail, I can quickly send a replacement. However, when it comes to a $210(yes, that's the sold amount) purchase, things seem to get more complicated. I had forced myself to try out high end handcrafted jewelry just to show customers my capacity, as well as give the store a good price range. Although I "wished" someone would love it enough to pay what I asked for, I really wasn't confident enough about my worth.

The funny thing is, I never knew it could be so scary to be successful (if this is considered success), because no one ever told me about it..I don't know what will happen after my customer
receives her order, I don't know if my jewelry will break or be returned, but if I don't go through this whole transaction, I will never know.
And I'm very very grateful I have a chance to see whatever that might happen.


KeelyB said...

Congrats on such an awesome sale!!! Try not to focus on the doubts (everyone has them) and focus on the success...Im sure your customer is going to be thrilled with her purchase! Your jewelry is beautiful and very well designed!!! I look forward to seeing more of your work : )

mu-yin jewelry said...

thanks Keely! i spent literally hours packing the jewelry last night -- well, I packed and then unpacked it at least three times to make sure everything was there,everything looked alright.

While feeling difficult to part with my "first", at the same time I hope i'll never see it again (for return or repair). it's a lot of responsibility and i really want to do well.

Brenda Cortright said...

I have purchased two items from Mollie (Mu-Yin Jewelry) and I find her work to be both gorgeous and original. She made the pink flower ring and pendant (in gold) for me and I love them both. I am trying to get her to undertake yet another project for me. Her prices are very reasonable for hand crafted artisan work. She is talented and headed for a great career. Please try at least one of her pieces. You'll find that you are "hooked".

Brenda S. Cortright

mu-yin jewelry said...

hi Brenda!now you're feeling shy to leave your comment under your jewelry?

Anandi said...

Wow, congratulations - it's truly beautiful!!!

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