Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Flower Song

This design has been in my store for a while and was first named "Pink Opal Flower" (I'm not creative at all when it comes to naming my jewelry..). I have first made it in sterling silver, and adorned the wire bezel with two different hill tribe silver beads.

Few months ago a customer requested have it made in gold. The result was even better than I expected that I had to offer it in my store. This one is made with gold filled wire and vermeil seed beads.

Last week, Brenda came back to ask me for a matching pendant. Seriously, I wonder why I never thought about that! I was so into making rings that I forgot the same design can be made into pendants. I emailed Brenda and asked her permission to have the designed named by her. So, here is the "Flower Song" pendant, my new arrival in the store...(I love Brenda's ideas!)

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