Sunday, September 9, 2007

Art Jewelry by KeelyB

You can find jewelry of different media and styles on etsy. While beaders, wire workers and metal workers are the main streams in the jewelry industry, many pretty wearable arts are yet to be discovered by us discerning shoppers!

KeelyB makes her pendants by
first setting a small piece of artwork(which she often creates herself) between two pieces of glass, which she cuts and grinds herself, and then wrapping them with sterling silver wire. Each pendant is unique and is photographed individually. While she does great photos, the pendant I phrchased from her is even prettier in person.

Keely is among the first few jewelry artists I noticed on Etsy. When I found her, she had a whole store full of great pendants and no sales. I have always hoped her great success and am very very happy to see that this young artist (she's only 22!) is doing better and better recently.

If you find something you love in her store because of this post, mention "muyinmolly" at checkout to receive 5% off your first order from her!

1 comment:

KeelyB said...

Thanks so much for writing such a pretty entry about me and my work! Im loving the earrings and pendant...wearing the pendant right now, actually! Thanks again Mollie!

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