Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Flower Song

This design has been in my store for a while and was first named "Pink Opal Flower" (I'm not creative at all when it comes to naming my jewelry..). I have first made it in sterling silver, and adorned the wire bezel with two different hill tribe silver beads.

Few months ago a customer requested have it made in gold. The result was even better than I expected that I had to offer it in my store. This one is made with gold filled wire and vermeil seed beads.

Last week, Brenda came back to ask me for a matching pendant. Seriously, I wonder why I never thought about that! I was so into making rings that I forgot the same design can be made into pendants. I emailed Brenda and asked her permission to have the designed named by her. So, here is the "Flower Song" pendant, my new arrival in the store...(I love Brenda's ideas!)

Saturday, September 22, 2007

I sold my showcase convertible jewelry

This morning, I turned on my computer as usual to check if I had any sales.I was very happy but wasn't too surprised to see an item sold in my store. I checked what was sold, and then I was surprised. No, I was shocked -- I just sold the most expensive work I've ever made. I thought I've been preparing for this day, and thought I would be excited, thrilled, and feel successful, but instead I felt scared, doubtful and uncertain.

-what if it's a scam? (but then why did she pay right away?)
-what if the jewelry break one week after she receives it? does it ruin my reputation as a seller?(well, I do offer warranty and free repair, but it's still not nice if it breaks so easily...)
-what if she doesn't like it and want to return? then I will feel worse and would rather it was not even sold from the beginning.
-what if she finds out I'm not an experienced jewelry designer who's been making jewelry for 20 years, and regret having bought from me? (does it mean I'm not good if I'm not experienced?)
-what if...

I've been very comfortable with selling lower end jewelry on Etsy, because they're easier to make, less time consuming, and therefore easier for me(at least that's what I believed) to maintain good customer service. If a $9.99 ring does not fit or gets lost in the mail, I can quickly send a replacement. However, when it comes to a $210(yes, that's the sold amount) purchase, things seem to get more complicated. I had forced myself to try out high end handcrafted jewelry just to show customers my capacity, as well as give the store a good price range. Although I "wished" someone would love it enough to pay what I asked for, I really wasn't confident enough about my worth.

The funny thing is, I never knew it could be so scary to be successful (if this is considered success), because no one ever told me about it..I don't know what will happen after my customer
receives her order, I don't know if my jewelry will break or be returned, but if I don't go through this whole transaction, I will never know.
And I'm very very grateful I have a chance to see whatever that might happen.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

September progress

I had a great weekend, and by today I've made 20 sales on Etsy this month. I also have a custom wedding order in progress, that will probably be 5-10 items. I'm excited because it looks like I may get at least close to my September goal, if the current sales flow continue. (keep finger crossed) I've been really promoting a lot, including sending out coupons to repeat customers and to other Etsy sellers who swapped promo items with me.
I'm really hoping to blog at least twice a week, at least to announce new arrivals in my store, but I've been so lazy and tired and the only thing I want to do after a whole day of teaching is to sit at the computer and browse my store and Etsy forum for the rest of the night...

New arrivals -- ear hooks

Just listed a few days ago are these cute "pearl on a hook" earrings. They're short, easy to wear and very cute. Since they're well received, I'm thinking about adding more of the same style in different colors.
i love making these.i love hammering the wire flat. : D

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Both yesterday and today, there's this chill in the air and I had to put on long sleeves. It's only midway through Sepetember. When it starts to turn cold, my apartment also seems bigger, and I feel lonely.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Art Jewelry by KeelyB

You can find jewelry of different media and styles on etsy. While beaders, wire workers and metal workers are the main streams in the jewelry industry, many pretty wearable arts are yet to be discovered by us discerning shoppers!

KeelyB makes her pendants by
first setting a small piece of artwork(which she often creates herself) between two pieces of glass, which she cuts and grinds herself, and then wrapping them with sterling silver wire. Each pendant is unique and is photographed individually. While she does great photos, the pendant I phrchased from her is even prettier in person.

Keely is among the first few jewelry artists I noticed on Etsy. When I found her, she had a whole store full of great pendants and no sales. I have always hoped her great success and am very very happy to see that this young artist (she's only 22!) is doing better and better recently.

If you find something you love in her store because of this post, mention "muyinmolly" at checkout to receive 5% off your first order from her!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Renewing and Showcase experiment

Studio94 convod me yesterday and said she wants to try showcase. She also suggested that I should post 3-5 items a day to get more sales. I thought I'm a big fan of renewing already, because I've been posting 1-3 items a day throughout August, but the sales weren't really that great.

Then it suddenly came to me that I DID list more(3-5 items) when I first opened my store, including new,renewed and relisted items. And I DID get more sales then. So perhaps it really does matter.

So, If studio92 is going to pay $7 for showcase, I decide I'm going to post 10 items a day for four days, starting today.

And let's see what happens after that!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

September goal

It's now officially my third month on Etsy, so I'm not a newbie anymore (somehow when I wrote this it made me feel old...).There're quite a few things I'd like to achieve this month, and if I write it down I feel I'll try harder to accomplish them.

1. I'd like to reach 50 sales this month.
I was lucky enought to have had slightly over 40 sales one month after I opened the store (8/4). Then I wasn't so lucky for the rest of August (less than 30 sales), which is probably normal for all businesses. Since I've been consciously working on the store, and since holiday season is coming, I feel 50 sales is reasonable for my third month.
2. I'd like to add some Etsy selling tips to my blog
That is,if I reach 50 sales this month.Otherwise, let's wait a little bit. If I can't even help myself, how can I help others?
3. I'd like to start promoting more
I had a store opening sale and one Saturday Night Sale in July, and I 've also been pretty active on the forum.
In August, I started listing (mostly renewing) 1-3 items everyday even if I didn't make any sales, and I also started my blog.
In September, I'll send out promotion materials(coupon code) to a few "sales reps". I will also start a PIF.

At the beginning of October, I will write a follow-up about this post, and let's see how it turns out!

Monday, September 3, 2007

new gemstone earrings

I will be starting a new line of earrings in my store recently, using gemstone briolettes. These stones
are also used for my interchangeable gemstone earrings. Instead of selling 7 dangles all together, this new "daily basics" line will have only one briolette drop on each earring, and the price is of course considerably lower.
It is not that I cannot make more "complicated" jewelry,but when i think of what I would wear everyday(as a girl who doesn't party), simple really is the best. It looks like many people agree with me, becuase I sold three pairs of my peridot earrings within three days since it was first listed.

Breakfast at 4pm

I'm in a pretty good mood today, for no apparent reason.(oh, well, perhaps because it's holiday and I don't have to work?) I got up in the morning, had a cup of tea with biscotti, watched a DVD I rented from Kroger, went to the bank, and then got some kitchen and bathroom stuff from Walmart.I got home close to 4 in the afternoon,and decided to make myslef some breakfast!

Isn't it strange that it takes so long to cook but just a few minutes to finish the food?

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