Sunday, August 12, 2007

Thank you

I want to say thank you to (in chronological order)

My parents - who supported me no matter what I choose to do

Ebay - my first jewelry selling venue, where I gained initial confidence as a "jewelry seller"

My customers -
i do not remember the name of my first customer, who bought two pairs of my earrings on ebay last June. They were made with sterling silver filled wire and sold for 0.99 each. I probabl didn't make any money on them after all the fees, but I was thrilled to see someone actually found my jewelry amongst tens of thousands of jewelry listings on ebay, and actually placed a bid and paid for it. Small things like this sound trivial, but you remember it vividly because it's your first.
i want to thank you to every single one of my customers, who found my ebay or etsy store and placed orders, whether they were big or small. It still makes my day whenever a customer tells me "i love your designs". Without you I would never dreamt of calling myself a "jewelry designer".

Eni Oken - who generously offers the most inspiring online jewelry tutorials at the most affordable prices. I learnt all my wirework techniques through reading, and very soon I couldn't find anything in bookstores wth more refreshing ideas and I once thought that was "it" for jewelry making. Eni's designs truly opened my horizons and made me understand there's endless ways to use my wire.

Studio 94- without her I wouldn't have been on Etsy now.

Etsy- without Etsy I wouldn't have been so happy today.

Etsy forum - this is the place I met other crafters and learnt lots about crafting and selling.

Also everyone along the way....thank you : ) for helping me become who I am today.

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