Sunday, August 12, 2007

start fresh..

Sold my first pair of interchangeable gemstone earrings yesterday to a repeat customer (thank you Gigi!). the moment i saw the notification email of sale i started jumping and dancing from excitement.

My etsy store has been open for one month and five days by now, and it was a huge success in every way. i'm amazed to see myself making sales almost every day, getting involved in the community, working hard to improve pictures and promote, and already hoping to help other new sellers when i'm still new myself too!

Etsy is an amazing website. For people who love handcrafted items it's like the biggest craft fair you can ever imagine. There're so many sellers on the site with the most genuine and genious (!) creations. I never did hear about it until participating in Bead & Button forum, where I also learnt it's very difficult to sell jewelry on Etsy because of the competition(there're currently over 200000 jewelry items on etsy). At the time I learnt about Etsy, I was pretty satisfied with the little success from my ebay store, and never thought about starting a new venue to sell my jewelry. True, ebay fees are high, but all the tools the website developed for sellers made selling so easy for me. Besides, I had been on ebay for almost a year and sales seemed to be pretty acceptable considering the little effort I put in to maintain the store. (I will be closing my ebay store very soon. I will talk more about my ebay v.s. etsy experience in another post)

I didn't think about selling on etsy until a fellow jewelry designer studio94 I met on ebay emailed me about her new selling experience on etsy. I remember seeing her jewelry auctions on ebay a few months ago. I had really brief email conversations before, because I admired her jewelry, and she happened to be also from Taiwan, the country I was born and grew up in.

All Studio94 said to me was, she moved all her listings from ebay to etsy two months ago; it's a very friendly community, "you should check it out." I took a loot at her etsy store.It was just beautiful, and she was selling pretty well. I told myself, "well, she makes great jewelry and takes great photo, so her jewelry will sell there. That's probably not gonna happen to me." But I simply couldn't forget her words. I checked out the website once a while for a couple weeks, did some research on the jewelry on the site, checked out the forum about some selling tips, registered on 6/29, and then on 7/4 I felt I was ready. I listed one of my best selling pearl rings, and within an hour I could see many page views. "So there ARE people on this website,"I thought. I started listing more. Since I was a new seller on the site,I offered free US shipping to my first 10 orders. On 7/5 I sold my first ring while I was listing another new item.

" I CAN'T BELIEVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

excuse my gesture, but that's basically how I felt. then within a few hours I sold another ring.

My first 10 orders were filled in three days. I was so excited that I hung in the forum all the time (just to release some energy...), and soon I realized how lucky I was. There's so many jewelry designers on etsy who do a superb job and deserve more sales. Check out some of them on the side bar, and support these wonderful designers as you support me!

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