Monday, August 13, 2007


Two weeks after moving, I finally had proper, stable internet connection at my new apartment.

Since I was just starting my Etsy store and was still receiving orders from customers during the time I moved, my computer and the modem were the very last item to come to Indianapolis with me. I didn't have internet hooked up in my apartment,but I was lucky that some neighbor didn't secure their wireless internet, so I "borrowed" it for the first few days. The signal was pretty weak, and I was disconnected from the web half of the time, so one night I used Panera's internet, and the other night I used Starbucks'. That's how I found out Starbucks doesn't offer free Wi-Fi. I signed up for Starbuck's 24 hr "free trial" while I was there;it was very fast, but the server suddenly went down an hour after I signed up. Very disappointed!!!!

I signed up with Comcast one week after moving, only because the salesperson gave me a great deal. He came and turned on the switch for the cable, and left me to do the rest myself. For some reason it wouldn't connect, so I called customer service many times to discuss the problem. Eventually they decided to send a technician at no charge, because none of the sales rep could figre out why my modem wasn't communicating with them. However, their technicians were so busy that I had to wait for another week(during when I had to borrow my neighbor's internet again) , and the only appointment time available was 7-9 am. My goodness...Of course the technician came at 7.00am and woke me up...It only took him a few minutes to decide my old modem, which I used for a different cable service in Bloomington, "got confused" when it was moved here, and "it probably won't work again either even if you take it back to Bloomington". Machines are apparently not more reasonable than human.

Apart from the internet problem and the super weak cell phone reception, everything at my apartment was pretty good. I probably shouldn't disclose the following pictures when I'm just starting my blog and new website, but this is exactly how I've been working on my jewelry since moving...

I probably should be embarrased.Well, maybe I am a little bit; that's why I only inserted a small picture. I haven't got a proper chair for my table yet. so currently the whole floor is my table.

The truth is, I have not finished unpacking all my boxes after two weeks. Although I've been moving every year since coming to the US four years ago, this has been the most exhausting and scary move for me ever. I've never had a whole two bedroom apartment to myself, and of course have never had a craft room. I was so overwhelmed that I just scattered everything everywhere..

You probably don't need to see my living room. Well, it's getting there, that's all I can tell you.

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