Saturday, August 18, 2007

listen to radio online

I have a Master's degree in piano performance from Indiana University. i love my school, and am proud to be a musician. In the second year when I was at IU,I started teaching for a company (see their website here) and have been driving from Bloomington to Indianapolis twice a week (150 miles round trip) to students' homes to give piano lessons ever since.
Indiana University has a great music program, and we also have a great local radio station called WFIU. When I was on the road, I always listened to their channel until there's no reception anymore(in Indianapolis).
Two weeks after I moved to Indianapolis by myself to teach the piano full-time,I started to feel lonely. I've no friends around here, I've decided not to get cable tv, and also cancelled my blockbuster subscription, and, I don't even get to listen to my favorite radio channel! Then, one day, it suddenly occured to me that I can listen to WFIU online!
I played it for the whole night and imagined I was still in Bloomington...

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